Finding the Greatest Treasure


Join Kobe, Kara, and other Global Kids in Treasures of the Kingdom, a trilogy of adventure stories for children 8-12. Travel to interesting locations, discover clues, and solve puzzles to find the treasures of knowing King Jesus. Each set in the trilogy comes with a colorful Storybook and a Travel Journal. Teachers and parents will enjoy using the Leader’s Guide to bring Bible treasures to life for their kids.

Written by child specialists Dr. Delta Cavner and Julie Bryant, each Storybook includes thirteen interactive stories. Each story engages the children in considering what it means to become like Jesus. The Travel Journal draws the kids into understanding and living the principles of following Christ.

Sample Pages
Travel Journal

Kids, here it is: your very own Travel Journal to use with each adventure in the Storybook! Record your thoughts, prayers, and treasures you discover on your adventures with Kobe, Kara, and other Global Kids. Write answers to prayer and words you feel Jesus is saying to you. Draw pictures and complete activities for each adventure. Most of all, make this your special journal for remembering all the treasures you find in your friendship with your Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sample Pages
Leader's Guide

Teachers, parents, and grandparents can help bring Bible treasures to life as their children read and interact with the stories in the Global Kids Treasures of the Kingdom trilogy. The Leader’s Guide contains curriculum helps, activity suggestions, and duplicating masters for each story. Also included are Check Your Treasure Chest answers and a certificate - everything you need to help your children get the most from their adventures with the Global Kids.

Sample Pages