• Does my child have to join a group?

    Your child does not join an organization. He or she is a “Global Kid” as a student of Treasures of the Kingdom curriculum. Being known as a Global Kid makes your child feel a part of the Global Kids story.

  • Where can I find answers to the great questions of life?

    The Great Questions of Life

  • Can adults take the course?

    Anyone can take the course.

  • Is my child safe on this Web site?

    Please see the Global Kids privacy policy provided on Global Kids Home Page.

  • In what settings can Global Kids be used?

    Global Kids is designed to be adaptable for a variety of settings. Kids can read and complete activities on their own, they can participate in a church or school setting, or work with parents or guardians. The Leader’s Guide provides activities and tips for enhancing their discovery experience.

  • What if we have questions?

    Feel free to contact us. Contact information is provided on Global Kids Home Page.