Dear Parent or Leader;

Global Kids introduces Treasures of the Kingdom, a trilogy designed to guide your 8- to 12-year-old child into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This children’s evangelism/discipleship series is brought to you by Global University, a distance education school dedicated to making the good news about Jesus Christ available to the world. Treasures of the Kingdom is designed for use in multiple settings: churches, homes, schools, or a student may complete the series on his or her own.

Each kit in the series includes a Global Kids Storybook with the main stories and a Travel Journal with story activities and places for the child’s notes. Also available is a Leader’s Guide with curriculum helps, story activities, and duplicating masters to enhance the learning and growth experience of the child.

This interactive discipleship series is written in a story format, based on the model of Jesus who used stories to teach. The story centers around Kobe (age 11) and his sister Kara (age 8); Joshua the guide and bus driver; and other Global Kids on adventures around the world. Analogies of Christian life are brought out in the places they visit. The stories emphasize Scripture in the domain of the head, heart, and hands to help children develop personal relationships with Jesus Christ and personal habits consistent with children of the King.